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Why is tourism not well developed in islands of India?

India is a country with many islands, yet tourism is not well developed in these areas. This is due to a number of factors, including the lack of infrastructure, the lack of promotion, and the remoteness of the islands. Additionally, many of the islands have yet to be opened to tourists, and those that are open are not sufficiently connected to the mainland. Additionally, the lack of reliable transportation and the lack of access to basic amenities like banking and healthcare has further hindered the development of tourism in these islands. As a result, the potential of the islands remains largely untapped.

How does tourism help in the political development of a country?

Tourism can play a critical role in the political development of a country by providing a number of economic, social, and cultural benefits. For starters, tourism can generate foreign exchange income, create employment opportunities, and facilitate the transfer of technology and management skills. Furthermore, tourism can help to increase a country’s visibility and international reputation, provide a platform for inter-cultural exchange, and contribute to the overall development of the local community. In conclusion, tourism is a powerful tool for political development, and can be used to promote economic growth, foster a better understanding of different cultures, and improve the quality of life in the local community.